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Vlietweg 17A 2266 KA Leidschendam The Netherlands T: +31 70 392 4421 E:sales@broadporte.nl

About Altheris

Altheris Sensors & Controls BV is your specialist for sensor technology and measurement systems. Founded in 1947 in the Netherlands, and member of the Broadporte holding since 2001, Altheris is supplying a broad range of standard sensors and customized sensors.

Altheris goal is to deliver unique sensor solutions to its customers. Due to many years of experience, technical know-how, and its broad range of products, Altheris is able to create working solutions for almost all applications in any specific branch.

www.altheris.com www.altheris.fr

Vlietweg 17A 2266 KA Leidschendam The Netherlands
T: +31 70 392 4421 E:sales@broadporte.nl

About Althen

ALTHEN Gmbh has been active in the field of metrology and sensor technology since 1978. Top priority is given to customized solutions for measuring all physical values. Together with its sister company Altheris, Althen is a specialist in the field of sensor technology.

Together with the client complete measurement systems are engineered and produced in- house in order to meet the specific requirements. Unique solutions are provided for various applications in many different branches.


Frankfurterstrasse 150 - 152 65779 Kelkheim Germany
T: +49(0) 6195 70060 E:info@althen.de

About DB Innovation

DBI / MIDIF Sarl is a leading marine and industrial engine specialist with a wealth of expertise serving the French market. Based in the Mediterranean port town of Sete, our roots date back to 1954 under the name AIRMECA.

Ever since we've developed a solid reputation for product reliability and superior after- sales service. In 1991, AIRMECA entered into a fruitful collaboration with Mitsubishi Equipment Europe, and Midif / DBI was born.

www.craftsman-marine.fr www.midif.fr

26, Avenue de la Mediterranee CS10696 34119 Frontignan Cedex Frace
T: +33(0) 467742696 E:info@midif.fr

About ILTO

TThe focus of Ilto's activities is to support approx. 20 prime Systems and Services suppliers with advice and representation on how to effectively and successfully operate in the local market area of the Netherlands. We focus on long term relationships with foreign system suppliers for equipment and services.

Ilto acts specifically in the domains of defense, aerospace and homeland security with Netherlands' public organizations. In a comparable way Ilto can also provide support in these domains in Belgium and Luxembourg.


Lange voorhout 72 2514 EH The Hague The Netherlands
T: +31 70 302 4863 E:info@ilto.nl

About Relli Technology

Relli Technology Holland supplies equipment, components and spare parts for aerospace and defence application. Since 1987 Relli has been supporting Ministries of Defence in Europe and have become a well- established name in the industry.

Relli does not limit itselves to a narrow product range, but offers products in support of all systems in use with our clients. From raw material, fasteners and electronic hardware to complete assemblies and equipment. With this unique approach Relli is now on the short list of procurement agencies in many countries.


Kiotoweg 110 3047 BG Rotterdam The Netherlands
T: +31 10 4622 677 E:sales@relli.nl